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Pre-Licensure Distance Nursing Education Program Approval


Out of state programs seeking to provide students with pre-licensure clinical learning experiences in Wyoming, shall obtain approval from the Wyoming State Board of Nursing (WSBN), one semester prior to the start date of the course for implementation. 


First Step:

Register with the Wyoming Board of Education (WDOE),  
Application for registration  Wyo. Stat. §21-2-401 et. seq., and WDOE Rules and Regulations, ch 30 governs this process. Licensure begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th annually. The application and applicable fees are due each year. Contact for questions regarding WDOE registration. 


                Note:  SARA institutions (State Authorization for Reciprocity Agreements), do not require WDOE approval.
                           Please submit a copy of the "Welcome Letter" received from SARA at the time of approval.


 Next Step:  

Email the following registration materials to one semester prior to the start date of the course:

Completed Pre-Licensure Application. (Writable PDF Application)  Pre-Licensure Distance Nursing Education Program Application 

Completed Faculty Qualification Sheet for any clinical faculty 

Supporting Documents: 
                       o Documentation of current WDOE registration or SARA  "Welcome Letter" 
                       o Proof of parent institution's accreditation by an accrediting body recognized by the United States Secretary of Education
                       o Documentation of approval by home state board of nursing
                       o Documentation of national nursing accreditation 
                       o Curriculum outline
                       o Course Syllabus (for any courses offered in Wyoming) 
                       o Copy of the clinical agreement between the facility and school 









Once the completed packet is received, The Practice & Education (P&E) Committee will review it for consideration.  The P & E Committee will then present it to the full Board for consideration.  



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